Hello, I'm Chris Taylor.

and here i am

in list form

I love:

Designing things that look amazing and work well

My wife, coffee, football, playing drums and designing (did I already say that?)

Drinking OXO

The simple solution (as it's usually the best one)

Sticking to the point


I have:

7 years experience in digital and print

Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design

2 cats (Alfie & Hendrix)


I work at:

Peach Digital, doing digital things

Being as good as I can be


I have worked at:

Redpath Design (Mainly print, some digital)

Arctic Creative (Print)


I am:

Experienced in handling medium - large sized websites, from design stage to live site

Mindful of my canvas, timescales and overall quality

Dependable, lively and happy to get a round in


I use:

Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver and Flash (who doesn't?)

My knowledge, wit and eye for detail

MAC and PC


I am handy with:

HTML, CSS and a little Jquery (more implementing than writing)

A fish slice


I don't like:


Tea (although I am working on that one)


I want:

To work with you and to hear from you soon


I will:

Scan my face in if it makes you like me